Présentation de nos valeurs

The spirit of the vineyard

Benefiting from technical progress while respecting the environment.

The vineyard is led in organic farming in order to promote a good diet of the plant and a good balance plant/soil/environment in order to have living soils and healthy plants, more resistant to diseases.

This island of 10 hectares of vines in a sea of ​​diversity allows us to limit the treatments and to avoid the use of insecticides, even organic.

In order to have an excellent sanitary state, a good maturity and intense terroir expression, yields do not exceed 25 to 35 hl / ha.

The wines are produced in the purest respect of the terroir: without added oenological products (whether natural or artificial), without new wood aromas, unfined ; The addition of sulphites is confined to minimal values.

The Vineyard

Three grape varieties, three terroirs…


Syrah (6.5 ha), Merlot (2.5 ha), Cabernet Sauvignon (1.5 ha).

A collection of Ariège grape varieties is also planted on the estate to rediscover the taste of ancient wine!


Terraces: pudding soil, clay-limestone, altitude: 350 to 450 meters, high slope, very thin and shallow soils. It is the favorite terror of Syrah and Merlot.

Foothills: pudding soil, clay-limestone, altitude: 350 meters, deep and wetter soil. Plot of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Clay-limestone hillsides: pudding soil, clay-limestone, altitude: 350 to 400 meters, deep loamy soils. Plot of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


The vineyard is located at the crossroads of three climatic influences.

The dominant is Mediterranean (intense heat, high maturity) leading to extremely low rainfall (500 mm/year which is less than Montpellier).

The mountain climate enables to keep the acidity by the influence of altitude and promotes aromatic complexity through gradual maturation. Furthermore, the high thermal amplitude guarantees an optimal phenolic maturity (up to 24°C difference between day and night). The mountain influence also allows the "Foehn effect" that protects the vineyard from rainfalls during the warm and sunny late autumn.

Finally the Atlantic influence, very light, mitigates the effect of the summer drought (some rainstorms during the month of August) and avoids the grapes from blocking their maturity.

These climatic particularities allowed us to plant and grow indifferently grape varities from the Rhône valley, Burgundy and Bordeaux and why not, in the near future, from Languedoc?


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